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Tips on Dressing Up for Work in Pakistan!

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I’m sure everyone has heard of the saying ‘dress for the job you want’, and it’s true! While working women are taking over different fields across Pakistan, voicing yourself with your attire is the best way to be portrayed professionally. Balancing fashion and work appropriate apparel requires a bit of know how. By wearing the right outfit and choosing the right accessories can play a vital role in your position in the company.

While most jobs have different acceptable work attire, these tips are catered towards those women looking for a bit of guidance on what to wear for an office job in a scenario where men and women work side by side. Women who are well-dressed will always leave a positive impact on others since you want others to hold you at a higher esteem.

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Major No-Nos!

 Tips on Dressing Up for Work in Pakistan!

In Pakistan, wherever you work there is always a dilemma between the heat, feeling comfortable and looking trendy. Low-cut tops and tight jeans are absolutely unacceptable in the office. Working in a closed environment can create uncomfortable situation for others. Most jobs that have a casual work space shouldn’t be taken too casually. Wearing an outfit that looks untidy and amateur will leave a negative impact on your colleagues and the last things you want is for others to be distracted by your graphic t-shirt.

Eastern Attire:

Long shirts and trousers will always be a definite fool-proof way to look work appropriate and still look classy. One thing is for sure, wearing an outfit that is tailor made to fit your size with simple cuts will look ideal in any environment. Loose tapered trousers which aren’t tightly fit will look fashionable. I prefer shopping for a printed long shirt and pairing it with a basic white or black trouser. Its the most comfortable attire you can wear since the loose size of both the top and bottom gives you a relaxed fit.

Printed Shirts

Fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, georgette and mixed cotton-khaadi can all look very professional. Most lawn attires can be sheer and easily crumpled. Cotton is the ideal fabric especially during the hot summer months. If you want to go for a basic trouser outfit, you can stick to solid color tops and jazz it up with a few statement jewelry pieces or go for a printed top with plain trousers. Loud or sheer prints should be avoided since it can look too casual for the office. Soft pastel prints or solid dark prints look chic and fashion forward all year around.

Subtle Makeup

Makeup Work 300x200 Tips on Dressing Up for Work in Pakistan!You can never go wrong with a touch of makeup for work. A little bit of concealer, pressed powder, brown eyeliner, mascara, soft pink lipstick and blush can create a natural warmth to your face without looking overly done up. The less amount of makeup you wear for work, the more awake you will look. I highly suggest skipping out on foundation and only using concealer to cover up any blemish and dark circles. Quite often foundation can look very heavy and unnatural on the skin, wearing very little can give a youthful appearance. Skip out on wearing lip-gloss and go for a light pale coral, pink or neutral tone lipstick to complement your skin tone.

Classy Shoes

Sandals for work2 Tips on Dressing Up for Work in Pakistan!Sandals for work Tips on Dressing Up for Work in Pakistan!As comfortable as sandals and chappals can be, wearing the appropriate shoes with your attire can give an overall classy appearance. Avoid wearing flats that contain crystal studs since they can look too night-time fancy.


A nice watch, delicate rings and studs is perfect for the office. You don’t want to wear something too glitzy for work. Small rings with a few stones can glam up any outfit while still maintaining a professional image.

The most important accessory for work is confidence. By keeping your own personal fashion sense appropriate for the office, you’ll find it easier to maintain a positive and tidy image.


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