Tips to a Flat Tummy


Everyone wants a toned waist-line and a quick fix. But just as it took time for fat to accumulate, it is unrealistic to trim it down instantly. However, you can achieve a flat tummy by making a few changes and sticking to them;


“It gets difficult to pay attention to my eating habits” is what most of us has to say. But if you want the lean look you always wanted, you will need to think again! eat Tips to a Flat Tummy

  • Breakfast; it reduces the chances of over eating and keeping off extra calories
  • Low fat, high fiber, lean protein, low sodium and low glycemic foods.
  • Nuts have proven to reduce inches from waist. Add a handful of mixed nuts (raw/unsalted)
  • Low fat yogurt – helps reduce bloating


Including exercise to build muscle is vital. Muscles make it possible for your body to burn calories so you lose fat faster and are less prone to being over-weight in future.

exercise stretch Tips to a Flat TummyNot only it will transform your mid-section but will also give you numerous health benefits.

  • Follow a whole body balanced exercise plan.
  • Add core training. Train not only your abdominal muscles but also the muscles of your back. Sit-ups, Side planks and Modified dead-lifts is a good core work-out
  • Spice up your cardiovascular workout by including intervals; brisk walk 2 min – jog 1 min – run 30 sec – jog 1 min – brisk walk 2 min, repeat 2-3 times
  • Change your workout plan after every 4-6 weeks
  • Lift weights; it increases your metabolism which equals more calories burnt


posture Tips to a Flat TummyA few minor tweaks in the posture can make your tummy look slimmer.

  • Stand/Sit tall
  • Do not slouch
  • Keep shoulders pulled back and abdominal muscles contracted
  • Distribute weight equally between heels.

Core training as described above will also help in improving the posture.


Cortisol is a hormone that increases when the body is under stress and is linked to fat deposition around the trunk. Although it is difficult to completely eliminate stress from life but managing it is essential.stress Tips to a Flat Tummy

  • Take adequate amount of sleep, give your body some rest
  • Do things you love to do; Shopping works for some 
  • Relax and meditate; Do yoga
  • Get a massage or a mani/padi or both
  • Go for a walk, listen to some music



dehydration Tips to a Flat TummyBefore you feel thirsty, drink water. Thirst indicates you are already dehydrated. The metabolism slows down during dehydration, resulting in low calorie burning. When your body is well hydrated you feel less hungry too. You reduce your chances of bloating, which contribute in increasing inches.


The truth is you do not need a single crunch to reduce inches from your waist line. What you need to do is reduce fat, increase lean mass and improve your overall body composition. Excessive sit-ups/crunches will not reduce inches from your abdomen. If that was the case, your jaw line would be the narrowest.


Because it took a while to get a round belly, it will take time to get in shape. Although exercise plays a significant role in achieving a flat tummy but results depend mostly on what and how much you eat. It may seem hard to achieve but once you start, with persistence you will get there. 

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