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The working woman of Pakistan today is a veritable superhero. Someone who has taken it upon themselves to lead a double life, each with its own intricacies and perks. On one hand there’s the work environment where she has to be the emphatic co-worker, the energetic employee, the tireless organizer. On the other hand when the working hours are over she returns home to adopt the persona of a mother, a wife, a sister. Then the next day the cycle begins again.

Working women do not complain since this is the life they chose to lead. Sometimes stress builds up and the perfect balance between the two positions are interrupted in a flurry of irritation and pressure. There are a lot of ways to avoid that breaking point.Let’s consider some tips to manage personal and professional life.

Stressed out working woman How to Manage Your Personal & Professional Life

Low Stress Level

Keep the stress meters low by making sure some of the little things such as being punctual with projects. Set comfortable deadlines for yourself and make sure to take anti-procrastination measures. Not only will it give you a sense of accomplishment but you’ll avoid that ‘last minute hassle’ and ‘deadline dread’  we all come to know so well. Without these in your life you’ll find that it’s much easier to feel relaxed.

2 Balancing work and life How to Manage Your Personal & Professional Life

Cooperative Co-workers

Make win-win situations with co-workers. Every office has a handful of lovable peeps who are masters of the puppy-dog eyes that lures you on board to do their work for them or help with one little tweak here or there.

Refusing these particular employees seems like a betrayal of their trust – the breaking of a special bond. Instead try to lead them on with the favor and then letting it slide. Do this by casually calling upon them to return the effort on a project that you’re struggling with. Not only does that let you finish your work faster but your co-workers may also feel reluctant calling upon you again if they feel that they actually have to return the favor! Bonus!

Work from home How to Manage Your Personal & Professional Life

No Homework

Never bring work home. This is one of the fundamental rules of balance. Your work life and home life are two different sides on the same coin. Bringing your work home with you not only turns you into a workaholic but you will be unable to enjoy time with your family since most of the time you’ll be thinking of that one little corner of your project you haven’t tackled. In all extremes, this can lead to you staying awake late at night in making sure everything is fine at work while everyone in your house looks at you bleary eyed.

One handy tip to remember is that if you have work problems discuss them with friends rather than family at home. You will surely manage personal and professional life efficiently.

Home time How to Manage Your Personal & Professional Life

Quality Home Time

Home time is your time. When you’re at home, your default mode is rest mode. Share anecdotes and laughs with the family. Laze around the couch and read a good book. Try out that amazing recipe you saw on T.V once or even catch up on some much needed Z’s. If you feel like family bonding time is lacking you can suggest activities like going out to eat at a favorite restaurant or watching a movie together.

Happy Woman and Kids 430x285 How to Manage Your Personal & Professional Life

Remember that home life is just as important. We naturally tend to see work as a challenge, an obstacle to be mounted and overcome for a reward. The logistics of work are remarkably simple, as is the whole system. It’s easy to take a very businesslike approach, calculating risk and reward. In the midst of aiming and building high, it’s almost easy to forget that your home is your foundation. If you’re not satisfied with the very base of your building, it doesn’t matter how high it rises – it’s only a matter of time before it crumbles. It’s a small realization that goes a long way in establishing that positive attitude that helps the working woman superhero on! 

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