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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

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Jehan Ara Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Focusing on the IT world, Jehan Ara is the mastermind behind PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Associations). The company collaborates with companies within and beyond the borders to provide its clients with the best of software products and services. Jehan Ara has not only been active as President of PASHA but also worked for almost three decades in marketing, communications and media in Pakistan, UAE, Hong Kong and the Far East. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, motivator and writer for various Industrial publications.


Rabia Gharib Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Rabia Garib is the Chief Executive of Toffee TV. Toffee TV is a great learning-aid that helps children learn through stories, songs and many fun activities in Urdu. In addition to this, she is the co-founder of Rasala Publications, which focuses on IT trade. She has been honored with LadiesFund Trailblazer Award for being a female role model and high achiever in Pakistan.


Sabeen Mahmood Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Sabeen Mahmud was the President of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and now owns T2F, the Second Floor Café, which is situated in Karachi. It is a platform that encourages healthy discussions and debate on the current issues of Pakistan. T2F café is actually a project of “Peace Niche.” Also founded and directed by Sabeen herself, it is a non-profit organization that promotes resolving political conflicts and arguments through different cultural engagements. Some other projects that come under Peace Niche include “Faraar”, “Science ka adda” and so on.


salaina haroon Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Playing a vital role in the telecom and technology sector is Salaina Haroon. She is the Editor in chief of CIO Pakistan magazine. CIO is the world’s largest business technology leadership magazine. She is also the founder and director of Communique Collective. It is a marketing firm that deals with small and medium enterprises both in Pakistan and abroad. The firm works for building and strategizing technological companies. It also focuses on Public Relations, impact of social media on News companies and bettering the position of Pakistan on an international level.


Samina Fazil is the owner of Mishas Collection. She started off in 1989 as a small business unit that dealt with children’s garments.  In 1991, she opened up her own. She started marketing her clothes by making brochures, taking part in exhibitions, giving out dresses for television shows and the newspaper fashion shoots. With her utmost hard work and determination today we have in front of us The Mishas Collection and a lady who provides inspiration and guidance to several other women out there.  In addition, she also actively plays the role of the President in Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



She has a bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and went on to do her Masters in Mechanical Engineering from ETHZurich, Switzerland. She is proficient in aircraft manufacturing, wind energy, power segments and energy conservation. Nida Farid started off with her project “Karachi Energy Conservation Awareness-Small Tricks for Large Savings” upon her return to Pakistan. Power crisis, she believes is an issue that needs to be dealt immediately and with all the sincerity, since energy issue could lead to closing down of industries hence affecting the employment of several people.


ROSHANEH ZAFAR Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Roshaneh Zafar is the managing director of “Kashf foundation”. This foundation educates and funds the women working in villages, in order to better their economic condition. She herself has been educated from Yale University and Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. She started off Kashf foundation after leaving her job post at World Bank. Kashf foundation is located in KPK, Sindh and Balochistan.


sheba Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

This great lady started off simple as a news anchor and reporter for Indus Television. She got her BS and MS degree from Stanford University. She was a Fellow at “Code for America” and became part of several notable projects like “Honolulu Answers” and “Social Media handbook for Cities”. She was also the lead designer for seven years for Yahoo Mail. This talented woman is the founder of “Tech for Change” which is a non-profit organization, which focuses on bringing entrepreneurs, developers and designers together in order to help and eliminate most of Pakistan’s civic problems.


Salma Jafri Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

A mom and a business woman, she’s the lady taking care of both worlds. After her MBA, she got a job at the Pakistan arm of Deloitte & Touche. Today she stands in front of the world as a successful “content marketer.” She is the founder and CEO of, which basically focuses on marketing content any young entrepreneur wants to put up through social media. There areas of expertise are blog and content writing, social media marketing and planning, online videos and marketing consultation.


kalsoom lakhani Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Kalsoom Lakhani is the CEO of i2i (invest2innovate). The company not only recognizes the budding entrepreneurs in Pakistan, but also trains them through a four month program and finally connects them to investors. She got her Bachelor’s degree from University of Virginia and also holds a Masters Degree from George Washington University. Her achievements also include being the co-ambassador of SandBox, member of World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers. She is the founder of CHUP (Changing Up Pakistan) which brings forth and creates awareness on the issues of Pakistan. 

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