Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

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The year 2012, as we all know, got a lot of hype right after NASA declared it as the year of world’s apocalypse. But, as 21st December went all well, the news was just a rumor and something to laugh about. Hope we don’t smell anymore “apocalypse” prophecies in the air of 2013.

Hollywood is no doubt the king of all entertainment (at least this is what we think), and it encompassed quite an amazing range of movies the previous year, we are here with our top 10 movies of 2012. Moreover, we are covering almost all the genres depending on the movies which we think are worth-watching, plus our main concern is to suggest some staggering movies if you missed them last year.


1 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

Ted is a movie which you should watch on your gloomy days. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, this one will unquestionably turn your mood up. Though the movie is pretty “PG” rated, we would love to suggest our readers to give it a try if you are a grown up and allowed to watch movies with little bit smutty-ness. It is about a boy who made a wish on a Christmas night, which unexpectedly came true. Thanks to Santa Claus.


2 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

When it comes to movies, we simply cannot overlook the sci-fi genre because these movies are full of fantasy and amusements. Prometheus is one of the best sci-fi from the year 2012. This flick is about the adventurers who fight for the sake of human race’s safety against the threatening evils.


3 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

End of the watch is an amazing, heart-touching action movie about two police officers who fight together against the bad guys. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are in the lead casts.


4 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

Another sci-fi movie that we admired in 2012 was Looper. It was pleasant to watch Bruce Willis back in action. On the other hand, the new rising actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also make it a lot easier for the viewers to enjoy the movie. Those who love time-traveling flicks will love this one.


5 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

How come we forget Mr. Church when we talk about Bruce Willis? The bad boys (Or so to say, old chaps) came back again. This time, with more action and drama. So if you want to see your oldies Sylvester Stallone, Van Damme, Jet Li, and Chuck Norris back in form, must watch it!


6 1024x657 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

All the previous parts that Hollywood made on Spiderman were astounding to some extent. This time, your favorite super hero is back again with a totally different look performed by none other than Andrew Garfield, who became quite renowned after his appearance in the Social Network movie.


7 1024x576 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

All your favorite action heroes, from Ironman to Captain America, from the great Hulk to Thor, all of them rejoined together to bring down the rivals and shattered their evil plans against the world. Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are your super heroes this time.


8 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

Leonardo Dicaprio, Jamie Foxx, and Christopher Waltz put their best spells to make this movie a great success. Every actor knew how to act on point and the storyline is just as astonishing as we expected it to be. This action packed drama will engage you from the very beginning till the very end.


9 300x300 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

If you have watched The Lords Of The Ring series you all must be aware of Bilbo Baggins. The amazing, fictitious journey of Hobbits did not just end with the Lord Of The Rings, as Bilbo is back with some more unforeseen and breathtaking adventures.


 Top 10 Movies Of 2012 (Hollywood)

Batman trilogy came to a stop with this movie. But, oh boy! What a great movie it was. Christopher Nolen intelligence in this piece of art is implausible. The Batman returned to save his Gotham City from the evil clutches of Bane and his worshipers. Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway are the leading casts.

Please note that the aforementioned  list and the selected movies are our own choice. We would be more than glad if you comment below and share us your thought if we missed any deserving movies up in our list. Thanks for reading. 

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