Top 5 Health Trends For 2014

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Each year comes with its own exclusive variety of health trends. Some end up being just crazy diets, while others prove amazingly on point. The key to healthy living is knowing which trend you actually need to follow that is really worth your time. Hence, here are top 5 sane health trends for 2014  to follow that will shape you up and slim you down and renew you all over again.

1. Go Flexible

vegetables and meat 300x210 Top 5 Health Trends For 2014Flexitarian is the word for 2014! Flexitarian means someone who eats a vegetarian diet most but not all of time, someone who does not eliminate meat completely. However, there is no set rule of how seldom or often a flexitarian will eat meat but his/her diet will be mainly plant-based.

The awareness is increasing among the people that maintaining nutrient levels is the key to a healthy life. If you cut out meat in your daily diet or eat less meat then you need, ensure you replace it with other protein foods such as eggs.

According to a British survey, there are 1.2 million vegetarians in Britain and the number will increase by half in two years. The experts now say that no doubt vegetables keep you fresh and fit but there is a misunderstanding that if you cut out meat, you will be healthy. Meat is as important as vegetables and fruits.

So, being flexible in your diet, consuming all the essential nutrients in moderate amounts should be your diet trend this year.

2. Sprout Diet

sprots1 300x209 Top 5 Health Trends For 2014The diet that includes sprouted seeds, pulses and beans is going to be big this year. This sprout diet was originated in Australia. Sprouts are acknowledged as living foods and one of the richest forms of nutrients. The awareness about the unprocessed food is increasing all over the world including Pakistan, more than ever.

Sprouts are excellent source of enzymes which keep our body healthy and fit. They are high in protein, easy to digest and good for weight loss.

3. Fuel Up With Green Juices

green juice 300x213 Top 5 Health Trends For 2014Lately, a surge is seen in people opting for green juices. Hence, a study reveals that there will be a big shift towards these juices over caffeinated drinks this year. A new wave of competition will be seen between drinks brands introducing natural and vegetable drinks.

The fresh juices remineralize your body quicker and competently as it only takes approximately 20 minutes for the nutrients in fresh juice to be absorbed. So, staying healthy with green juices is another top trend for 2014.

4. Go Organic

organic 300x199 Top 5 Health Trends For 2014The awareness regarding organic and natural food is drastically increasing. People now know what is deteriorating their health. They are wise enough now to select their food items while shopping for the grocery. This awareness has come late among the people of Pakistan but it IS spreading. They are realizing the consequences of processed and inorganic food, the new generation who once starting relying on the processed food is cutting it back now.

5. Work Out

workout Top 5 Health Trends For 2014We all have been hearing importance of exercise since the time we gained consciousness. Paring your healthy diet plan with a workout routine is the best way not only to prevent heart diseases, but to overturn some risk factors and stay healthy.

Yoga’s influence remains strong among other exercises. So, this trend will continue to stimulate 2014’s fitness goals.


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