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Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

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Eyeshadow palettes are an excellent investment in your makeup kit. If you’re a beginner in makeup, neutral eyeshadows are extremely versatile in helping you create a simple daytime look or a dramatic evening look. For days when you’re pressed for time, using a palette will easily help you create a neutral eye makeup look quickly and effortlessly. We’ve got 5 neutral eyeshadow picks that can be easily purchased at any major supermarket.

Luscious I Love Eyeshadow- Divine Naturals

LUSCIOUS I LOVE EYESHADOW DIVINE NATURALS Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow PalettesIf you’re looking for an all rounded neutral eye shadow with browns, creams and golds- Luscious I Love Eyeshadow Palette contains 12 shadows with matte and shimmer finishes.

The palette is handy for on-the-go since it comes with a full sized mirror. The shadows range from very pale vanilla mattes, neutral browns and also deep chocolate browns. A smoky eye can easily be created with the darkest shadows from the palette.

Price: 1,150RS

Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad – Natural Smokes

MAYBELLINE STYLISH SMOKES QUAD NATURAL SMOKES Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow PalettesFor ultra smooth and pigmented shadows, Maybelline quads contains four coordinating shades with step by step application guide. This is a foolproof method to help make your shadow application easier. The palette labels all of the shades on the eyeshadow itself. From lid, crease, brow bone, and outer corner, it’s an easy way to create a look that’s polished. The palette contains 2 mattes, a shimmery taupe and a shimmery deep brown. You can easily use one of the shadows as a simple eye look or create a dramatic smoky eye.

Price: 1,400RS

Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow – 010 All Nude

CATRICE ABSOLUTE NUDE EYESHADOW 010 ALL NUDE Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow PalettesFor those looking for subtle, delicate shades of browns and creams- the Catrice palette contains 6 nude shadows in matte and shimmer finishes. The eye shadows have a soft shimmer effect that work well for everyday wear since some shimmers can be too bright for day wear. The shadows easily blend together without looking muddy. All of the shades have a warm tone to help brighten up your eyes.

Price: 1,020RS

Essence Sun Club Glamour To Go – Long Beach

ESSENCE SUN CLUB GLAMOUR TO GO LONG BEACH 02 Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow PalettesThe most affordable eyeshadow palette of the 5, the Essence neutral palette comes with 8 shimmery shadows for that ultimate glamour effect. The shadows come in a small compact that is portable to carry around in your makeup bag. The downside to this palette is that it contains no matte shadows to help balance your eye makeup. Using all shimmers can look too overdone for a daytime look. The colors range from soft pinks, neutral browns, copper and dark browns.

Price: 590RS

Max Color Effect Trio Eye Shadow – Coco Crazy

MAX COLOR EFFECT TRIO EYE SHADOW COCO CRAZY Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow PalettesIf you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss eyeshadow palette with basic shades- the Max Effect Trio Eyeshadows comes with 3 complimentary shadows to easily create a contrasting and subtle look. The shadows are all soft and easy to apply and blend. The shades come in variations of browns from a light vanilla color, a medium neutral brown and a deep brown for contouring.

Price: 1,100RS 

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