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Transition Your Makeup From Winter To Summer

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Winter is hands down my favorite season– the chilled winds, comfy sweaters and of course being able to pull off deeper hues of makeup. We end up adding more moisture to our skin with dewy foundations and bold lip colors from burgundy lips to plum cheekbones, the hues for winter is all about adding color to our skin. When the time to transition our makeup routine, we need to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring/summer.

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With our wardrobe change, we can’t leave out our makeup. Shifting your makeup for summer calls for lighter shades since the heat ends up melting away our makeup. Since we end up sweating away most of our makeup during the hot summer climate, its always best to wear minimal makeup. The heated climate calls for matte powders and bronzed skin paired with neutral colors for the eyes and lips. Go for rich earth tones to compliment your skin complexion during the summer since we all end up looking a bit more tanned and bronzed.

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Skip Liquid Foundation

Our skin ends up producing more oil during the summers because of sweat and humidity, using dry formula foundation is ideal to combat makeup meltdown. Liquid foundation will feel heavy on your skin and will clog your pores since your skin is prone to excess shine. Mineral Powder Foundation and Pressed Powders are your best bet to keep your skin sweat proof and shine-free through the summer heat. Most mineral foundations consist of SPF 15 which gives you added sun protection against UV sun rays.

If you’re trying to hide imperfections, powder foundations isn’t ideal to cover up imperfections for pigmentation on your skin. Apply a cream concealer or corrector on these areas before applying powder foundation. Lightly dabbing on a cream product and setting it with a foundation will help adhere the product into the skin.

Tweak your Lip Palette

Never, ever wear a glossy bold lip color during summer- unless you want your lip color to bleed and smudge all over. If your looking for a bold lip fix skip a glossy lipstick that contains moisture since the color can end up feathering outside your lip-line. Shades of corals and hot pinks can be worn as a matte lip with a lip liner as a long-wearing lip color. A lip liner can be worn alone while it can it a bit drying on the lips apply a clear lip balm to keep them moisturizes and protected from the sun.

Natural Cheeks

Take your blush shades to a more earthy tone, using deeper shades of peaches and even mauves look wonderful against a tanned skin tone. Using matte blushes gives a more rosier and subtle cheek color, skip wearing shimmery shades on the cheeks unless you want an illuminated glow for nighttime opt for a highlighter shade with finely milted shimmer.

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Easy on the Eyes

Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof! To prevent your eyeliner and mascara from running all over your eyes, use a waterproof formula that gives a long-lasting smudge resistant look. Stay away from kohl kajals that contain a creamy texture that can crease and run under the eyes creating a raccoon eye look.

To enhance your eyes in the summer, sweep on a neutral bronze shade of shadow with shimmer. Metallics, golds and bronze shimmery shadows in a cream formula gives a dewy look on the eyes.

Waterproof mascara which adds volume and length can add an instant impact on the eyes. If you want to go bold and use brighter summer colors such as teals and lilacs, opt for a bright color eyeliner and rim your lower lashline with it.


With the heat and sweat, summer is always a fun season to enjoy the weather and head to the beach! Apply these tips for your best face during summer. 

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