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Transitioning From University Life to Successful Career

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images 1 Transitioning From University Life to Successful CareerTransitioning from university graduate to a successful career can be nerve-racking. Many students are more worried about passing their thesis submission before realizing what they need to get started on to find a job. While many post graduate students will apply for masters, some will opt for a career jump start with a 2 year job experience.

There are plenty of factors to consider when applying for a job, not only should you brush up on your CV but also consider what social factors will be acceptable during job interviews and also after when you’ve got the position. For many women, working in a corporate environment can seem difficult to handle. There are plenty of  social pressures on how to deal with co-workers and your superiors.

Life after Graduation

Young Woman Thinking 300x199 Transitioning From University Life to Successful CareerOnce you’ve finished your studies and completed your thesis reports, you’ll feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and all you have left is a chance to start a new life. For many post graduates, the time leading up to your graduation can be stressful. Not knowing where your future is headed and the tedious task of job-hunting and facing the reality of interviews can lead to a meltdown.

Your plan may not fit reality, and while many graduates might not find a job straight out of graduation it will take some time to fully understand where you want to go in your career. Having a full time career differs drastically to studies. You’ll have less time to spend with your friends and family which you spend the entire day at the office. Being focused in the office requires a steady lifestyle and time management. Adapting to working world requires enough sleep and rest after a long day. Balancing the office with family and friends will always be a task difficult to handle.

Update your CV

looking for a job 68958 640 300x225 Transitioning From University Life to Successful CareerAlways be prepared with a CV and a personalized cover letter. Make sure to research the company that your interview is set for so that your CV fits the right criteria for the job. You want to craft your CV in a way that sparks the employer’s attention- mention hobbies and tasks which can add an extra element to your job responsibilities. Mentioning any skills which contribute to the job will help you succeed in the workplace.

Finding your Career Path

Over the 4-year duration during post graduate studies, many students will consider changing their career path since most find something better which they decide to explore. There are many aspects about university life that can lead to finding the perfect job. Talk to your teachers and peers about what you enjoy learning and make it into a lasting career.

At major universities, job fairs often help students prepare for interviews which also networking with major companies. This can help build your professional network. Take a few steps back before understanding what the job market wants from you. Most likely an internship experience will help you gain the most knowledge which will lead to finding a job.

Be prepared for disappointments

Not every job you apply for will call you for an interview and not every interview will lead to a job. In university, you won’t be taught how to handle disappointment or an awkward interview. You’ll have to learn how to deal with a negative response in a positive manner. Maybe the job wasn’t the right fit for you? Maybe you need to acquire some new skills before you’ll be ready for the job. Gaining a positive manner from disappointing experience will help you pull through to the next job. 

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