7 Fashion Tips For A Travel Wardrobe


To travel in style you don’t need to overstuff your luggage with all the latest travel gear rather just know what the essentials are and that can work for your trip. If you like to travel in style here are a few fashion tips tailored specifically to cater to a females needs.

travel1 7 Fashion Tips For A Travel Wardrobe

1. Footwear: Invest in a comfortable footwear or keep your favourite pair of shoes in which you don’t get tired too soon. Since travelling involves roaming around more than you usually do. It is likely that if you wear some fancy shoes they will break and you will be wasting your money buying a new one. Dressing up comfortably can also be stylish. Amongst the comfort shoes mostly people prefer joggers or flip flops. If you are going to place that is cold then a pair of boots that go with all your clothes should be there.

2. Solid Coloured Shirts: Try to keep a few solid coloured shirts that you can pair with your jeans. Since black , blue and white is something very common. To be out there you got to be stylish and yet different. Neon coloured shirts are really chic. Try to keep a few of those and pair it with a palazzo, pants, skirts or just simply with jeans.

travel2 7 Fashion Tips For A Travel Wardrobe

3. A Blazer:  The most hip thing things days are blazers. Almost all wardrobes should have these. However it is imperative for Fashionable travel wardrobe to have a blazer in it.  One can choose between a basic black or tan blazer that can go with almost anything you wear. It automatically makes you look smart and stand-out.

4. A Cross Bag: While travelling you can’t carry a big bag that carries your essentials, everywhere you go. The latest trend of cross bags makes life easy. This can be your day bag. It keeps your hands free and protects you from pick pockets. These are small enough to accommodate your essential stuff. Yet they don’t make your shoulders ache or tired due to weight.            

travel4 7 Fashion Tips For A Travel Wardrobe

5. A Pair of Jeans: Most people suggest keeping pants, skirts and etc. However for travelling abroad nothing is as comfortable as a pair of jeans that fits you well. One can experiment in various ways with a pair of jeans. The best part is that just one can be sufficient for the whole trip.

6. A Dress: While you’re out there having fun in daytime in your casual clothes. At dinner time you will need formal clothes. Keep a basic black dress that you can accessorize and instantly look glamorous. If not black then neutrals are a good option.If travelling solo chances are there that you will meet people and will be invited on fun dates. Nothing will work better than a black dress at that very moment. Therfeore keep one black dress that you can also wear as a cardigan later.

travel3 7 Fashion Tips For A Travel Wardrobe

7. A Scarf: Scarves are crazily in fashion and can make any outfit look stunning. Get one colourful scarf and wear with your dress, skirts, shirts or etc.

These are a few travel wardrobe tips that can help you glam up your wardrobe when you travel. Not only will it make you look trendy and classy but also help you accommodate all your stuff in a suitcase.


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