Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch Ideas


When was the last time you actually enjoyed your breakfast instead of finishing it quickly like your other morning chores? Whether you are a working woman or a house wife, mornings are always busy. The first thing that gets adversely effected by a morning hustle Desi Food Pakistan Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch Ideasis your breakfast. If you cannot treat your taste buds on weekdays then weekends are actually meant for it. Throw in a sunday brunch party, invite your family or friends and enjoy your weekend brunch in a pleasant atmosphere. Here are some ideas for a delicious desi Sunday brunch that may help you decide your menu.


Paya is the most famous traditional breakfast item of Pakistan, particularly popular  nihari 300x180 Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch Ideasin Punjab. The steaming hot thick and rich gravy will be your best comfort food after a tiring long weekend. Dhabas that sell paya gravy, cook it overnight which makes its taste and aroma very strong. It tastes best when served with ginger, lemon and hot roghni naan.


If you don’t want to overload your sunday brunch with extra fats or calories but still wish to deviate from your regular slice and omelet then qeema paratha qeema 300x224 Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch Ideasis an excellent desi dish for your sunday brunch. You can make it more healthier by using white minced meat instead of beef. Cook minced meat with your choice of spices and serve with crispy lachha parathas, it would be the divine ultimate treat for you and your guests.


Nihari was the most loved breakfast item of Nawab kitchens in timthumb.php  300x199 Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch IdeasLucknow. It is still hugely popular in Pakistan, you can create a royal aura with this traditional meat dish for your guests. Considering the fact that fennel and garam masala is its core ingredients, nihari is famous for its strong aroma. It is usually served with crisp brown onion, ginger, green chilies, fresh coriander,  and roghni naan.


Halwa puri, no doubt is the most loved and well sold dhaba breakfast item of halwa puri 640x480 300x225 Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch IdeasPakistan. The puffy, soft yet crisp puri tastes heavenly delicious with suji halwa. It is interesting to note that in most of the local dhabas of punjab, you will only be charged for your puries and  get complementary halwa, alu chane ka salan and mango pickle with it. This is one great take away breakfast dish for a Sunday brunch.


If cooking is not your images Treat Your Taste Buds – Sunday Brunch Ideascup of tea and you want to avoid the heavy calorie intake of traditional ready made brunch items then kebab paratha is another safe and convenient brunch idea for you. You can get frozen parathas and kebabs and toast them  for your friends and family. It will require less hassle and still taste good. Serve it with mango pickle and mint chutney and enjoy your off day. 

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