Recipe – Turkish Kofte Sandwich


turkish kofte sandwich2 Recipe   Turkish Kofte SandwichIngredients

* 4 ounces ground beef
* 2 onions
* 2 cloves garlic
* salt and pepper
* parsley or mint
* 1/2 cucumber
* olive oil
* thick yogurt
* Turkish bread/Pita Bread
* 2 tomatoes
* lettuce


1. chop onions, 1 glove of garlic and parsley.
2. Mix the onions, garlic and parsley with the grounded beef and a bit of salt and pepper.
3. With your hands make walnut shaped little meatballs.
4. You can either grill the meatballs, or prepare them in some olive oil.
5. In the meantime.
6. Mix the yoghurt with garlic and mint herb.
7. Slice tomatoes,lettuce and cucumber.
8. Now take a turkish bread (flat, round thick bread) cut in 4 squares, open them and’butter up’ the bread with the yoghurt dressing.
9. Put in lettuce tomatoes, cucumbers and meatballs, and finish with some extra yoghurt dressing. 

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