Understanding Migraine Headaches


The word migraine is used so commonly that it’s aggravating to see people calling their regular headaches migraines. It is for me. The intensity of the pain that a migraine patient feels can never be understood except for a fellow patient.

Migraine is not just any headache if you were thinking, it is serious and it is very painful. Migraine is a persisting disorder of the nervous system, in which mild to severe headaches occur. People usually refer to migraine as any headache that lingers in one side of the head. Even though that is one characteristic of the disorder, it is not the only one.

Migraine patients suffer a lot more than that. Their headaches can last from two hours to a maximum of seventy two hours! The ache may occur on any one side of the head. The sides don’t only limit to a left and right side. The front and back side of the head are also included. The headache also accompanies nausea in many patients and sensitivity to light and sound. The sensitivity can be so extreme at times that a patient may seek a dark and quiet place to relax themselves.

 Understanding Migraine Headaches

Other symptoms that come along with migraine are an increased heart rate and sweats because of the intensity of the pain. Even though the disorder is found more in young boys than girls, women are still the majority of migraine patients. Most of the migraines that people suffer come with an aura phase.

It’s like seeing some kinds of spots or pattern in front of your eyes, knowing they’re induced by your own brain and not some dust particles. The sad part about migraine is that the cause of this disorder is still unknown. It is one of those disorders that affect a very high rate of population in today’s age and have a cause undeclared. There are just theories of different scientists and no confirmed reason has yet been given.

migraine1 Understanding Migraine Headaches

Migraine is also said to be genetic in some cases. If anyone in your family suffered migraine then you are likely to suffer too. Remember, females are at a higher risk for migraine.

If you or any of your relative or friend suffers from migraine, then here’s a list of pointers you should always keep in mind.

1. Migraine is mostly caused, it doesn’t just happen. There is always a factor that triggers the pain in the patient. The triggers, though, differ from patient to patient. The common ones are; coffee, chocolate, cheese and most dairy products. Crying can cause a migraine too!

2. Sunlight can act as a trigger too. Wearing sunscreen can only help so much. Get yourself in the habit of seeking shade whenever there is bright sunlight. Even if you’re talking to a senior or getting very important news in the middle of your walk, slowly start scooting to a shady place. You don’t want the stress from that news accompanied with a migraine.

3. If you or they are in their headache phase then leaving the person in a dark room is very helpful. Turn out the lights and pull the curtains. Make sure to quieten things down around the house. Air conditioner is a plus.

4. Caffeine, even though a trigger in some cases, is also seen to work as a relaxant in other cases. If the headache is just building up then a cup of strong tea or coffee is likely to help.

5. Never, ever convince your migraine patient into eating something you know is a trigger, even if it’s your birthday cake. Temporary excitement will turn into guilt when they have to spend the night in extreme pain. 

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