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Wake up with prettier skin! No, you are not dreaming!

Beauty and sleep have an immemorial relationship. The connection between the two has always been present in human minds. And if you are wondering whether or not there is actually a connection between them, then the answer is yes. You really do look enhanced and glowing when you have gotten enough sleep. One of the significant functions of sleep is to repair and some of the repair work is done on your skin while you are asleep. Skin cells are replaced more rapidly while you are in deep sleep than at any other time. Proper sleep results in healthy skin.

Yet as a Pakistani woman you face many disruptions in your sleep pattern. There are a lot of things that you need to look after and hectic routines can make it easy to sleep late and wake up feeling tired. The kind of tired that makes you look dull and unfresh. So, set aside your sleeping hours, and don’t cut these hours short, unless you absolutely have to.

Getting a quality-deep sleep is as important as the right amount of sleep. There are a lot of environmental, biological, psychological factors that may affect a woman’s slumber, which may include, life events, depression, physical or hormonal change etc. Coping with these factors can help women enjoy a good night’s sleep and enjoy all the benefits sleep may bring, inlcuding healthy skin.

pretty face 1 300x181 Wake up with prettier skin! No, you are not dreaming!

Therefore, all the super women of today who try to keep a perfect balance between their work, family and friends also need to have a good night’s sleep to keep up with their beauty. Slumber plays a significant role in promoting a woman’s health and well being. It is as important for good health as diet and exercise and it provides the basis for a dynamic day ahead.

To boot, a good amount of sleep does make a difference but a quality six hour sleep can also be fully functional. Various researches have exposed that sleep does boost up your beauty and help you look naturally flushed and sleep deprivation can affect your looks. Hence, ‘beauty sleep’ is definitely not a myth, in fact, it’s a must! So, just beat the stress and increase the quality of your sleep because sleep deprivation influences your overall well being in a negative way and women who do not get enough sleep suffer the consequences. Although physical effects can be covered with makeup but the psychological effects of sleep deprivation remain there regardless. Therefore, provide yourself with sufficient sleep as it is indeed nature’s most influential beauty treatment. The beauty is already there in you, you just need to sustain it and regenerate as you sleep. So, sleep well and stay beautiful with a healthy skin! 

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