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Walnut Oil – A Healthy Consumption

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It has time after time been suggested by the doctors all over the world to consume a considerable amount of walnut every single day so as to fight against many of the negative components that are harmful to human health.

Walnuts3 Walnut Oil   A Healthy ConsumptionWalnut is considered to be rather a nut that comprises of a lot of nutrients which are beneficial to human health. Consumption of walnuts has always been advised but it is being told that walnut oil is even more of a healthier component compared to walnut itself. Consumption of walnut oil is usually less than eating walnuts to attain the same amount of nutrients.
For example, consumption of 35 gram walnut oil is as equal to 50 gram walnuts consumption and contains equal amount of nutrients.

Doctors suggest that having walnut oil is helpful is resisting the body against heart diseases. Also the walnut oil fights against cancer and refrains the body from gaining cholesterol.

The best way to be benefited with all these is that the walnuts should be un-cooked and fresh. The raw walnuts bring out all the beneficiary components in themselves. Walnuts comprise of rich and nutty flavor and so when used in cooking makes a great dressing for salads and sea food. It is also considered to have a rich portion of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are helpful to human nutrition. Heating up walnut oil causes it to become bitter which is why it is better to consume cold and not to be used for cooking or baking.

A lot of medical benefits are associated with walnut oil as it proves to be a shell against various cancer, heart, hormonal, and brain diseases.

The walnut oil comprises of such nutrients which are not only helpful for the body but are also beneficial to human skin leaving it all glowing. Walnut oil is being used in a lot of skin care products including soaps, creams and other personal products which proves it to be a skin friendly ingredient.

Walnut oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and C that prevents the cells from damaging. This would also improve in making the texture of the skin better hence making it all glistened up.

Walnut oil along with crushed walnuts on grilled steaks, fish and other snacks is quite pleasant to have. Also when had with sandwiches toped along with olives, walnut oil enhances the flavor of the dish itself hence leaving it all fresh and appetizing. 

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