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Ways to Age Gracefully


We live in a society where we blindly follow concepts without exploring the sense behind them. It is essential to be informed about the facts of ageing so it can be managed optimistically.


Girls when growing up often face the notion about how they look especially age wise. From early years the mind is set to worry females about growing old. It is common to see how they carry on hiding their age as soon as they reach puberty.


Aging is like fine wine. The older it is the better. But it doesn’t come natural; you have to venture it. Getting old has its rewards. You get wiser, mature, confident and experienced.  Your opinion has integrity.


fountain youth Ways to Age Gracefully In the quest for looking young, women widely opt for anti-aging treatments. They are willing to go through the surgical procedures, both non-invasive and invasive Aging is a process that is inevitable; it is futile to search for the fountain of youth. However, you can keep it youthful.


young at heart Ways to Age Gracefully Apparently you can maintain a young look. Some products also claim to keep your skin rejuvenated.  Trying to look young by managing the fine lines and wrinkles, should not be the only objective. Youth is deeper than the skin. Aim for internal youth.

Staying active, exercising regularly, playing a sport will contribute in keeping your body young from inside. There are examples of female in their 40’s and 50’s who have managed to keep a 25 year old body, physically. If you are determined you can too. Your heart stays young with physical activity.


An active lifestyle with regular exercise can reduce the chances of developing diseases like chronic heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity.

Including walking, cycling and resistance exercises will improve cardio-respiratory efficiency, glucose tolerance, bone density and joint health. It will also help in maintaining your metabolism that declines with age, and in managing weight.

How to stay positive Ways to Age Gracefully


The thought of developing a disability or disease is intimidating. Take care of your well being both mentally and physically. You will lay off the chances of becoming dependent later in life. How you keep yourself during early years, reflect the prime of your life.

Our culture insists on acting our age. Not acting your age can in fact keep you positive, as long as you maintain the grace. Play games, travel, socialize, stay busy and stay updated; bridge the generation gap. Managing the factors that can affect your old age can reduce the anxiety of becoming elderly.

Growing old can be dynamic if you recognize the intrinsic factors of aging and minimize extrinsic factors.


  • Wear sun screen when going out in the day. Try avoiding the sun between 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.
  • Use sunglasses, it helps in minimizing the lines around the eyes (crow feet)
  • Keep the body moist. Apply moisturizer with upward strokes
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Cleanse skin
  • Keep the muscles of the face relaxed and minimize facial expressions


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