What Is Coke Studio Pakistan All About?

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Coke studio is not something new in Pakistan, in fact ever since it began airing in 2008; there has been a new season every year, bringing the total count to five seasons with the sixth on air already.

One might wonder what’s so special about Coke Studio that after its launch in Pakistan, where it all begun, other places such as India and the Middle East have also followed suit and produced Coke Studio series in their respective countries. But what exactly is all the hype about?

For one thing, it’s a new concept in the world of music. Many old folks consider contemporary music as “noisy” and “loud” in comparison to what they used to love back in their days but even they have no reason to complain anymore.

Coke studio brings together all kinds of singers from the various musical genres such as classical, rock, qawwali, hip-hop and Sufi to record live sessions in one big studio complete with backing vocals and an in-house band.

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Through the fusion of folk music from the various regions of Pakistan, with contemporary as well as traditional music instruments such as guitars, tabla, drums and violins etc. many young Pakistanis who have no idea of what their folk music is all about are attracted and this way they learn more about their heritage.

Coke Studios music does not focus on only the lyrics from one language but rather artistes from the different provinces of Pakistan perform songs that represent where they come from and in the language of their people. This has encourages the learning and appreciation of the different cultures that make up Pakistan as a whole.

The harmony with which the whole performance unravels is breath-taking from start to end. The backing vocals add a soulful feel to the ambiance whilst the featured singer of the episode puts his/her best efforts in to the singing.

More than fifty-seven singers as well as bands combined have been featured on coke studio ever since its inception, some of them appearing more than once on the show. The first season had a live audience which witnessed the striking performances of acclaimed Pakistani artistes and bands such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Strings, Mauj and Ali afar amongst many others. Other well known musicians such as Bohemia, Atif Aslam, Komal Rizvi, Hadiqa Kiyani etc. also performed in the subsequent seasons.

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Later on, all the consecutive seasons that followed no longer had a live audience; this created an intimate atmosphere for better recording quality.

The recorded songs are then aired on TV, uploaded to Coke Studio Pakistan’s website as well as their official channel on YouTube where the songs become instant hits with viewers from all over the world appreciating Pakistani music.

No matter what kind of music you listen to, there is a coke studio song available that will be sure to capture your attention and make you addicted to it. This is because of all kinds of artists from various musical genres are provided a platform on which they can showcase their talent.

So go on and explore the world of music through coke studio by visiting their YouTube channel here or visit their official website here.


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