What is Your Movie for This Valentine’s Day?

How often has it been that any movie you try and watch just doesn’t have that impact to be a Valentine’s feature? Movies these days, mostly love stories, sadly have no stories at all. The fact is a disappointment for everyone who might be looking for some inspiration. This month, we bring you a list of movies that we promise would be worth looking at. It is always fun to try something different but these movies might just do the spark for you on Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a list already. So here is your movie for this Valentine’s day.

The Lake House

the lake house What is Your Movie for This Valentine’s Day?

The actors are Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock so if you end up hating the movie, you just might like the stars. The story revolves around a girl who moves into a new house and starts receiving letters from a guy. Later, she finds out that her pen friend is living in an entirely different time zone, two years behind. The sad fact about the movie is little hard to accept but since when was there reality in movies? Their letter exchange increases and they fall in love with each other. The movie reflects how words do the magic, and when you haven’t even seen a person; your heart can be won with just with the right words. This is just the perfect movie for this Valentine’s day.

The Notebook            

images What is Your Movie for This Valentine’s Day?

Have you not seen this movie? You have to see this movie regardless of it being a Valentine’s feature. It’s set in an older time period where a poor guy falls in love with a rich girl. Ryan Goosling sweeps Rachel McAdams off her feet when he shows her how there is more to life than responsibilities and worries about the future. The ultimate happens when the girl’s parents decline her choice and take her away. Years later they are united when the boy publishes an ad about a house he built. It’s the same house that he and his love dreamed of living in. The movie is told in the form of a story from an old man to an old woman living in a care center and always brings up something to keep the audience hooked.

Like Crazy            

Like Crazy What is Your Movie for This Valentine’s Day?

Like Crazy is a beautiful movie with even more beautiful actors; Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. It reflects all the ups and downs in a relationship, especially for couples who are in a long distance relationship. The movie is the classic story of how everything is charming in the beginning of a relationship but as the time passes, the charm losses. It drives the message home that people make mistakes at times and how these mistakes can cost them everything that they treasured. The misunderstandings that take place due to the distance sometimes lead to separation. The movie shows how both are dissatisfied in later relationships they get into; always missing the person they fell hard in love with for the first time. With the mistakes they made and the decisions they took, a thin wall takes place between them. But because of being in love with each other like crazy they decide to be together again and hope for the best. This movie will leave you thinking with all the natural emotions in it. The movie is also famous for not having any official dialogues for the actors but asking them to speak their own words according to the situations.

If you have any other movies to recommend, let us know and we will include it as movie for this Valentine’s day after reviewing it. 

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