What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?


Winters have not fully arrived upon us but it is the best time to get going with pre-season preparations. BBQ parties at home, hangouts after work, munchies on a cold night with hot coffee are some of the loved winter trends we all can’t wait to start with.

Since food is an essential part of winter celebration and our consumption pattern substantially moves with weather change, people consume fatty and protein-rich foods in the form of BBQ, Paaye, Nihari and our all-time favorite Chicken corn soup. People in Northern and Southern parts of the country both come to same grounds with food consumption trend which is why we also see a price hike for almonds, pistachios and walnuts.

There are various ways to enjoy winters and make these favorite foods a part of daily consumption., the leading online food marketplace, welcomes winter with a range of hot soups and creamy delicacies on the menu. Here are a few favorite picks that will suffice to make your winters warm and cozy throughout the season. If you crave these items, look up on the foodpanda menu to order.

1.     Chicken Corn Soup

corn 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?Delectable, creamy and sweet corn soup is everyone’s favorite part of the winter. Soups of all kind are dated to be as old as cooking is!

2.     Mac n Cheese 

cheese 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?Baked macaroni and cheese are the most loved kind eaten all over the world. This is not it, cheddar is the most popular cheese used to make it!

3.     Chicken Stir Fry 

stirfry 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?It is one of the finest ways to eat chicken and vegetables all together. Back in old days, oil was very expensive so people used to boil and steam vegetables and chicken!

4.     Cream of Mushroom Soup

mushroom 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter? This soup is very healthy because of its creamy nourishment with all the benefits of mushrooms. The fungus is a very good source of all your vitamin D needs! 

5.     Red Velvet Cupcakes

red 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?Cupcakes in all forms are delicious and make for a hearty treat during any season. In winters particularly, it is a good choice to consume red velvet cupcakes for the flavor and texture sets the winter moods well!

6.     Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

chocolate 300x180 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?No one needs a reason to justify hot chocolate and marshmallow consumption, especially during winters. Marshmallows are one treat that was considered fit only for royal families. We don’t wonder why!

7.     Cinnamon Rolls

cinna 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?These delicious breakfast rolls have gone through modifications over many years. A special day is celebrated on 21st February to honor this sweet treat; National Sticky Bun Day. 

8.     Chicken Tikka 

tikka 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?All kinds of barbequed items are heavenly but there’s chicken tikka that never ceases to bore us even if you consume it on a daily basis. Chicken tikka is not an Indian dish; it was invented in Glasgow. Mind blown?

9.     Gajar Ka Halwa

halwa 300x175 What Pakistanis Should Eat This Winter?Halwas are a traditional food of Pakistani winters. Lauki halwa and Gajar halwa are popularly cooked during the season. There’s one interesting variant to this halwa cooked in some part of the world known as Cheesy gajar ka halwa!


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