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woman reading Where Real Progress Lies“Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything”, writes Lisa Bloom in her article ‘How to Talk to Little Girls’.

The writer held herself back immediately from commenting on the gorgeous and lovely looking girl of her friend whom she met at a dinner party where she was invited. The writer’s shrugging off the idea of complimenting the young girl of being star of the day was a product of some constructive thoughts. In her aforementioned article, Bloom contends that complimenting young girls of their looks when we meet them makes them conscious of the features people first notice in them. They will naturally be inclined towards improving their looks and apparel if that’s what they observe people being impressed of when they grow up.

Bloom paints a grim picture of how social customs of greeting people with praises of their looks have resulted in a vast number of American ladies going crazy for their enhanced looks.

230401 Life Style 307x251 Where Real Progress LiesSadly, this trend is not specific to America. I’ve heard and seen many people of terming ‘expensive clothes’ as a means of boosting confidence and self-worth.

Girls are especially trained to objectify themselves through applying tons and tons of makeup, wearing good clothes and maintaining a slender figure in order to attract excellent proposals for marriage.

A society where a huge chunk of women aren’t allowed to experience professional life suffers partly due to the incompetence and lack of interest of ladies who invest most of their time and energies in decorating themselves physically. Mental grooming and intellectual development doesn’t matter. Domains of study such as politics, philosophy, history and international relations remain largely dominated by males even today because women are generally least interested. Even if they acquire higher education, most of them prefer to become good homemakers than applying their theoretical knowledge into empirical problems of the rapidly changing world and serve the society.

Pakistani Designer Clothes 2 Where Real Progress LiesThis devastating trend needs to be diminished and abandoned. People, especially girls must be appreciated for possessing thoughts of their own and they must be encouraged to voice their opinions. Physical beauty is mortal and fades away with time. What enriches and glorifies as you age is your conscience and your intellect if you keep working to enhance it. The real progress of women and their emancipation from shackles could be achieved if their thoughts, ideas and ideals, their habits and etiquette’s and ambitions would be praised instead of their physical looks. This will not only allow them to pursue their goals with ease but would let simplicity prevail. Generating fruitful discussion is always a positive and healthy task to do as it nourishes and flexes the mind as well as a person’s thoughts.

Talking to women only about clothes, makeup, shoes, cooking, budget and inflation is equivalent to slow-poisoning of their mental faculties. Every person must develop a thirst for knowledge, an urge to know their origins and a longing to get enlightened of what’s happening around.

If women have to progress, the entire prevalent system needs to breakdown. A system where young girls are told that they’d be married off whenever they reach puberty, a system where a girl’s dowry starts to accumulate as soon as she’s born and a system that allows women to pleasantly objectify themselves without realizing the amount of disgrace they bring to their lives. 

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