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Why go for bold lipsticks


You may be nervous to bring on the high impact intimidating look with bright opaque colors, but trust us when we say, be bold! Be it a retro red lip or a pop pink or chic berry, there are numerous shades to choose from and each is unique and will bring out a different you. Of course you’ll have to be aware of the skin tone issues but there is definitely a number of bold shades out there for you and if you are still uncomfortable with the thought of trying them on, here are a few reasons why you should definitely go for it!

9f6dd  Beauty Radar Orange Lipstick image1 Why go for bold lipsticks

Do you know when you look your best? When you feel your best! And a bold lip color, which will transform your look, is bound to make you grin at yourself in the mirror. That grin is the gateway to a whole new level of confidence, and goodness knows we could use a confidence boost.

burgundy lipsticks make up looks megan fox Why go for bold lipsticks

Nothing makes a more daring statement than a bold lip. It is dramatic and is bound to turn heads. Such a dramatic and attention grabbing look will have you taking compliments from numerous people. And ‘OMG! I love your lipstick!’ is a very common ice breaker, imagine being the reason there’s no awkwardness in a social gathering.

taylor swift lipstick1 Why go for bold lipsticks

A bold lipstick is the one product you’ll need in your bag. Perhaps a little liner would help, but apart from that you don’t really need any other product. It’s the perfect look for lazy people. Too lazy to do a whole look? Just apply a bold lip and voila! A whole bold lip look!

Selena Gomez Why go for bold lipsticks

This point is for the girls in glasses. You can’t pull off a great eye look in glasses now can you? Well, focus on your lips! I’m a geek in huge kooky glasses and I love wearing a bright crazy lipstick to complete my look. It confuses people, am I a nerd or a stylista faking the frames. Im neither (duh) just a geek who loves being herself and is aware that lips are easier to draw attention to when in specs.

cl f3ae994963883b78e82657155c23a24f Why go for bold lipsticks

Of course, you may be shy, not interested in being in the spot light. That is understandable. Well then, do it for your own self. A bold lip gives a look that’s between casual and formal. Hence, going for a look like that does involve caring for yourself. You’ll want to dress according to the dramatic look and the personality the confidence gives will make a difference in your attitude (walk, talk, smile, etc) also you’ll want to take care of your skin and teeth etc. No one wants to wear a dramatic look with a zit popping out or yellow teeth (which stand out more in shades like orange) so, if nothing else, it will be a great excuse to tend to yourself.

images 14 Why go for bold lipsticks

Considering what I last said, that actually is the purpose of a bold lipstick. The summary to all these points would simply be, a bold lipstick is for you and you alone. It’s to pamper yourself with confidence, elegance and attention. My own personal quote is ‘Only I know how my lipstick makes me feel’ and it can’t be more true. I love bold lipsticks and I’m sure you will too!

Do you want to go for the bold lip look? Ever given bold lips a try? I’m sure you’ll love them. 

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