Woh Dobara – The Scariest Show of the Season!


It’s very rare for Pakistani audience to treat themselves with something other than the regular sisters’ rivalry, saas bahu riots and social evils based television shows. Our playwrights and directors have perhaps ignored the basic purpose of making a television show – that is entertaining the audience in order to represent the harsh realities of life. Woh Dobara appears as a breath of fresh air for fantasy and horror series loving viewers in this scenario.

y2 Woh Dobara – The Scariest Show of the Season!

A production of Angelic Films, Woh Dobara is a sequel to the popular horror drama serial, Woh, that aired from Hum TV last year. Written by Syed Atif Ali and directed by Angeline Malik, Woh Dobara has a lot to offer to its audience. The best thing about the show is its realistic story line, unlike its contemporary horror shows from across the boarder; that focus too much on presenting a chain of scary scenes and ignore the development of storyline, Woh Dobara has a firm back story to support the upcoming paranormal activities and engage audience. All the characters have different personality traits and develop gradually as the episodes go by hence audience can relate to them and empathize with them in their tragedies.

Woh Dobara is the story of two brothers Zubair (played by Shahood Alvi) and Umair (played by Ali Abbas). Zubair is happily married to Yasra Rizvi and have a cute kid Ali (Bilal Khan). The happy world of this tiny family shatters when they all shift to a bigger house so that Umair can get married to Iman. The house they get for unbelievably cheap rates is actually a curse in disguise. The house is haunted, and the demon that lives there posses the body of Iman in order to harm the other members of the family.

y3 Woh Dobara – The Scariest Show of the Season!

Camera work, sound effects and editing plays a vital role in the making of a horror show, the technical team of Woh Dobara deserves a big round of applause for their brilliant camera work and sound effects. Editing, however could have been a little bit better. Sometimes the sequence of the scenes feels a bit out of order which is such a shame because the rest of the work done by this team is wonderful.

y1 Woh Dobara – The Scariest Show of the Season!

Truth being told, I wasn’t expecting much from Angeline Malik on the accounts of direction since she hasn’t wowed the audience yet with any of her direction venture. But I have to admit Woh Dobara changes the way for good I’ll look at her as a director, she certainly did her best here. Also, each and every actor fits perfectly in his/her characters including the child artist Bilal Khan and has done a great job. One exception here would be of Sana Askari. We seriously are tired of her playing the same character of loud, fussy and nagging wife, and this play is no different. This is high time she realizes this and tries to come up with something else.

Are you following Woh Dobara these days? Trust me on this, this isn’t a show to be missed, especially if you are a fan of horror genre! 

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