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Wood Carving – Why it’s so unique?

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Wood carving is the best and the cheapest option in the vast field of carving designs. Wood carving is a traditional craft in Pakistan. This process involves carving done very carefully with different tools resulting in wooden sculpture, rendering different forms and motifs that have evolved over the centuries. Generally, motifs depict the varied culture and tradition of the region. Expert craftsman knows how to achieve the desired effect through estimated strokes for carving, chipping and then rounding of the surface. There are two types of carving designs; traditional and contemporary. The traditional designs are more up to the minute but the contemporary designs are also making a place in the market. Wood carving is done on almost all types of woods, but the soft wood is more preferred material for the better color and tone of the material.

Generally, there are five styles of wood carving namely, lattice work, engraved carving, undercut, plain carving and deep carving.

Lattice work is the favorite style among artisans. This includes working on the screens and make use of beautiful see through cut work. Artisans love to carve beautiful leaf motifs. The carving done by using thin panels along the rim of the surface with a central motif is called engraved carving. Plain carving is the simplest way of carving. Undercut carving is generally the carving of traditional stones to make amazing sculptures. Deep carving generally involves raised work.

Ceiling and screen caving is famous in different areas of Pakistan. People use to decorate their homes with carved pillars and beams. Woodcarving is evolved from stone and later to wood, rendering various styles of carving, from flat to more three dimensional effects.

Variety of articles are included in carved products. You can easily get utilitarian as well as decorative articles, ranging from decorative panels, toys, furniture, jewelry boxes, screens, window frames, vases, bowls, panels, trays etc. You can select from a whole range of products. These articles are easily available in the market.
There are many Pakistani companies which have direct contact with the artisans, who have been an expert in carving woods furniture. There are many artisans that are in carving business since many generations. These artisans are capable of delivering royal and beautiful looking wooden furniture, along with it they can also manufacture custom made furniture.

Pakistani people are more curious to decorate their houses with carved objects. These objects can be a perfect gift to your loved ones. Pakistanis just love to decorate their living rooms, dining halls, kitchens and drawing rooms with the carved wooden articles. 

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