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Your Softest Lips Yet and a Quick and Easy DIY remedy!

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Lip Care 300x199 Your Softest Lips Yet and a Quick and Easy DIY remedy!

If you apply lipstick or lip gloss daily, your lips are in need of a Do-It-Yourself lip care treatment. Dry, chapped, flakey lips are all signs of dehydration and dead skin cells. Your lips are the softest and most delicate part of your face so you want to nurture them as much as possible. Although chapped lips occur during colder season, taking care of them during summer is just as important since our skin is exposed to harsh sun rays more then ever.

Aside from using lip makeup frequently, other factors can be the cause of unhealthy lips including constantly licking your lips. Since we tend to lick our lips to hydrate them- you will find yourself drying them out more since adding saliva causes excess moisture to evaporate quickly leading to dry lips.


  • Dehydration
  • Excessive licking of lips
  • Exposure to harsh sun rays
  • Climatic condition change
  • Smoking
  • Frequent Lip Makeup Application


These tips and tricks will help you achieve the supplest and smoothest lips you’ve ever felt- and not to mention applying lip makeup will look more even and less patchy.

Improve Your Pout:

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First off- stop picking on your lips! Peeling away dead skin can cause excessive skin cracking especially if your lips are already dry. Dead skin on your lips causes it to create fine lines and wrinkles. You might have noticed your lipstick sinking into those fine lines making your lip makeup look uneven and patch- scrubbing and exfoliating your lips will help them look and feel smoother.

Achieve softer lips using 2 simple ingredients found around your kitchen:

  • Finely Crushed Sugar
  • Olive Oil


You want to buff away dead skin by using a gentle exfoliator using natural ingredients. The best remedy is using a mixture of finely crushed sugar and olive oil and scrub away. Exfoliating your lips at least 3 times a week or less will prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming around your lips. The sugar will scuff off any dead skin while the olive oil smooths and moisturizes your lips.
2072910779 64a3e1a39e 300x225 Your Softest Lips Yet and a Quick and Easy DIY remedy!After you’ve exfoliated your lips, moisturizing is key is helping your lips nurture back to a healthy state. While a little bit of olive oil can help your lips, applying a regular lip balm infused with SPF will aid in sealing in moisture and protecting your lips from sun damage. A lip balm or even a lipstick infused with SPF is a great option since you want to protect your lips just as you would for the rest of your skin. Using a lip balm at night will liven your lips and boost moisture retained overnight.

I highly advise women to not use Vaseline on your lips. Petroleum jelly simply adds a layer of product on your lips without it penetrating or aiding in lip care- it simply just sits on the lips. It might seem like an age-old remedy for chapped lips but it will not protect or heal your chapped lips. With frequent use of Vaseline you can cause your lips to dry out even more since it’s a water-repellent formula, making it difficult to remove from the skin.

Color Me In

Use lip products that feel comfortable on your lips. If you love a matte lip- apply a coat of lip balm before applying lipstick. Since matte lipsticks have a dry and tough consistency they will make your lips feel tighter and expose fine lines and wrinkles on your lips. For the best and easiest hydrated lip, go for a non-sticky lip gloss which feels smooth and silky.


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