Casino Games you Can and Can’t play using No Deposit Codes

No deposit codes are an excellent way to get your hands on a free bonus. Whether you just want to play your favourite game or else, just want to see how your experience at a specific casino pans out, no deposit codes are your golden key to this.

However, like everything in life, no deposit codes come with terms and conditions. These are in place to curb off bonus hunters and bonus abuse. Today we shall be detailing what casino games you can and can’t play when claiming such codes at a free entertainment site.

Why are there terms and conditions on games one can play with No Deposit Codes

Casino Games

There is a massive reason for this. Casinos don’t really expect players to walk away with cash after claiming a no deposit bonus. The way to stop this from happening is by applying specific terms and conditions to the games players can play.

For example, games with a high RTP are usually not allowed, since the odds are slightly in favour of the player. Bear in mind, that all games available at an online casino come with a house edge. In theory, the odds always tilt towards the casino’s favour, but players have succeeded in turning a no deposit bonus into real money.

Casino games you can and cannot play

The casino games you can play usually depend on a number of factors. You must read the terms and conditions to see what games you can play as mostly, card and table games, live casino games and slot games that give the player a slight edge are exempt from the offer.

No Deposit Codes

Usually, casinos tend to give free spins no deposit on either, games that are highly volatile or games with a very low RTP. Similarly, if you get free spins on a progressive jackpot game such as Mega Moolah, you might think you have a shot at winning a jackpot.

That may be true, but it’s also a game with a low RTP. Usually, you need to place big bets in order to scoop up a jackpot in such a game.

When it comes to no deposit bonus funds, you are given a little bit more freedom, but similarly, you are mostly given access to games with a low RTP.  Bear in mind, that online casinos have more benefits than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Believe it or not, online casinos have a higher payout rate.

If you want to play it smart, you should not waste your time signing up for any no deposit bonus that comes along. You need to weigh your options and try your hand at bonuses that come with lower playthroughs and that have generally fair terms.

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